Is Igniting Your Intentions™ for you?


logo Igniting Your IntentionsIf you have ever wondered if the Igniting creative workshop would be of benefit to you, read the questions below.

Have you answered YES to more than one of them? Then, you can be sure that Igniting will help you in your self-help quest to create a better life.

    • Are you ready to have faith in yourself, in a higher power, in abundance?
    • Do you feel a little upside down, confused, and lost about huge changes in your life?
    • Do you want to end the search for the ‘home’ inside, for what you should be doing, the way to find peace and satisfaction?
    • Do you feel shy about expressing your greatness?
    • Would you like to gain clarity on your right livelihood?
    • Do you need to find a purpose and direction for your creative energies?
    • Are you struggling to take back ownership of your life, your individuality, and to LIVE it more?
    • Do you wish you could get out of your mind and trust your inner self to lead the way to your heart’s desire?
    • Are you frustrated because resistance comes up again and again?
    • Do you need to stop your negative self-talk?
    • Do you want to feel more connected with Sacred Presence?
    • Are you an author of several books, but don’t see yourself as a writer?
    • Are you frustrated by your inner critic always sabotaging you?
    • Do you need to have more confidence in your abilities?
    • Are you frustrated that your spirit has been repressed for so long?
    • Do you need to remember to be accepting and gentle with yourself as you go through the transitions that accompany growth?
    • Are you able to take action?

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