You are the Power

You Are the Power

Blast Off. Vector Image. ©2012 Mary A. Gravelle. All rights reserved.

Blast Off. Vector Image. ©2012 Mary A. Gravelle. All rights reserved.

Do you realize how powerful you are? This is something I am coming to realize more and more everyday. I have had some mighty powerful experiences this past week.

Co-Creating with Divine Energies

When I first created this Igniting work around the year 2000, I had an idea of co-creating with Divine energies.

I knew that when I created, or expressed my creativity in some way, that it was not just me that was doing the creating. There was something else at work, something larger. At the time, I was thinking about a trinity of energies: intuition, the mind, and the collective unconscious.

I was aware that I would feel a tug in my tummy that pulled me along while engaging my creative project. The tug in my tummy was my intuition guiding me in a certain direction. But, then, there was also an inspirational component to it, too, that felt like it came from a larger source such as God or Goddess or the Universe.

So, I figured that there was some sort of inner and outer combination that was doing the creating. The inspiration comes through me from God, then I do something to bring it to physical manifestation while my intuition guides me. The three elements, then, would be God, my physical body, and my intuition.

A United Front

Today, the elements are similar but seem to have evolved. They are much more united or integrated. I have embraced the paradox of the physical and spiritual as one. To tell you that You Are the Power is the truth that I have experienced. You are your world. It’s all about YOU.

What is your world like? If you were THE POWER in your life that created everything around you, how would you use that power? Would you use it more consciously and positively? I try to remind myself when I move about in the world, to be aware that it is my world in which I am moving about. If that is true, then my world is beautiful, loving, kind, and generous.

You are the Power

Your life is your world. What do you want your world to look and feel like? Quantum physics tell us that when something is observed it changes. This is the principle at work here. What do you want to, and expect to, observe? This is creative power.

You are the Power that creates your world through your beliefs and convictions. Take the Stance of Power. Stand in your Power and create the world you want to have. Practice. Observe. Does your world change to reflect your newfound sense of your Power?


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Mary Gravelle in front of her "in-process" painting.

Mary Gravelle in front of her “in-process” painting.

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