The Way to Your Dreams

fearsdoubtsfaithdreams-blogThis image says it so perfectly. It is the way and pathway toward the realization of something higher in your life. What are you reaching for?

This is the only way that I have discovered to move full force, head on, into my higher calling. I have had to confront my fears and move through them, acknowledge my doubts and move forward anyway, and geared up more faith that is larger, so much larger than the fear and doubt. Faith is the doorway to Dreams becoming a reality. And, Faith is Key #5 to Ignition in the Igniting Your Intentions process.

What is Your Dream?

What is calling you right now? What fears and doubts are holding you back? Can you dial into Big Faith to conquer and move through the blocks to answering the call?

I have a Big Dream right now and Need Your Help.

Please help me get my 250 votes.

Please help me get my 250 votes.

Please cast a vote for Mary’s Fine Art. I need 250 votes by tomorrow, Friday, June 19 in order to move to the next level in a grant process I have applied for. I have 154 votes with 96 votes to go. You have to be logged into Facebook when you go to this link: Please VOTE NOW so you don’t forget. Thank you so much.

Much love,

Mary aka Brianna

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