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Riding the Waves of the Energetic Roller Coaster

Energetic Rollercoaster Ride Igniting Your Intentions

Energetic Rollercoaster Ride

Braylee Rush. Oct. 14, 2015.

Have you been feeling like you are riding a rollercoaster ride lately? Have the energies been tossing you around in fear, doubt, and uncertainty? Have you been holding on for dear life?

Since I wrote last, it feels like that to me. I have pulled into myself tightly, not sure exactly what I’m holding onto. Have you?

It feels like I can pop my head out from under the covers for awhile and peek around a bit. Are you feeling the same way?

If you believe in astrology, the skies have been up to a lot lately. Can you feel it? Situations beyond our control are releasing things from our lives, healing what ails us. Although, this may feel like the opposite of what is happening.

I had one such situation last Friday. It was quite shocking. On Saturday, I knew that I had gone through something profound, something beyond my understanding, something had been healed that will aid my future somehow.

Igniting Your Intentions process.The Igniting Your Intentions Process Cradles You

The Igniting Your Intentions process cradles you in tumultuous times like these.

A daily practice offers the solace of structure, something, anything, in which you have some amount of control.

Journaling, drawing, and using an intention statement focuses you inward toward the pathway you want to follow. It lets your heart and soul speak. If you can listen, you can feel better and get on with your life for the day ahead in a much more calm and cheerful manner. You will be one day closer to living in alignment between your free will, your heart, and your soul, living an authentic life that is uniquely yours. It does all of this for me and more.

Writing the Query Letter

Writing the query letter for my upcoming book, Ignition, offers me hope that the thrashing around on this energetic rollercoaster ride will give way toward manifesting the perfect book publishing contract. Once the book is published, it will help others like you enjoy the safety and comfort that this process brings.

Do you have a daily practice that brings you peace and joy? Write a comment below and share.

My Book Publishing Wish List

  • The perfect Literary Agent who will pitch this book to the perfect publisher.
  • A famous author to write a forward to my book.
  • Followers. I need to grow a following that will provide a large enough platform to grab the attention of the right agent and publisher. Consider doing any or all of the following.
    • Follow Igniting Your Intentions on Facebook.
    • Follow me on LinkedIn. Make a recommendation on LinkedIn for my Igniting work.
    • Read the Igniting Your Intentions blog.
    • Hire me for a private or group session so I can help more people and expand my audience and reach. Contact info is below.
    • Comment, communicate, let me know how this process is helping you.

Thanks for reading. I hope something here inspired, uplifted, and helped you some way. Please leave a comment and let me know. I would love to hear from you.

Much love,



Mary Gravelle in front of her "in-process" painting.

Mary Gravelle in front of her “in-process” painting.

Braylee Rush (Mary Gravelle) is an artist, graphic designer, and creator of Igniting Your Intentions. Imparting her wisdom on Wednesdays, Wisdom Wednesdays, she shares with you what she learns about life as it unfolds for her. She can be contacted via email, Mary@IgnitingYourIntentions.com, or phone, (928) 254-8709, or filling out the contact form.


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