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Rise in Your Power

Rise in your power to direct your life in the most positive and pleasing ways possible. Rise in your power in the areas of your control. Rise in your power to redirect your thoughts in the moment when you become aware that they are less than the highest and best for the life you desire […]

Blooming Century Plant at Bell Rock, Sedona, Arizona USA

Love Yourself and Change the World

I was inspired to record a short video for you about changing the world. What do you think the best way to go about that would be? Do you want to change the world? Listen in as I share how I think it could be done. Love yourself and the world will change. Please leave […]

Happiness Clap, Igniting Your Intentions

Happiness Clap

My daily drawing today was of a young woman raising her hands to clap as she danced. Today’s Igniting message for you: You have much to be happy about on this day. You are discovering the secrets to your wealth and happiness. Move forward with your ideas and dreams and how to go about getting […]

Big Faith, Igniting Your Intentions

You Gotta Have BIG Faith

Do you ever doubt, worry, have fears that you are not getting where you want to go? This past week, I was feeling this big time. So, I sat down and did my own Wisdom Painting session, which always helps. Many times, it shows me something opposite of what was swirling around in my head. […]

Death is part of life.

Allow Death to Resurrect Your Life

As we grow older, death becomes more prevalent in our lives. Loved ones, co-workers, acquaintances, close friends, these near and dear people pass away and leave an emptiness within our lives and our hearts. We are forever changed. They leave imprints upon us. They, in their own unique way, have touched a place deep inside us […]

Rabbit Fear

The animals that cross our path have messages for us if we would only listen. I encountered a rabbit on my trail the other day. The message was about fear. Are you allowing fear to stop you in your path? Are you allowing fear to divert your direction? Listen to this week’s video for inspiration. […]

4 Guiding Principles that Help You Unlock Action. Copyright 2014 Mary Gravelle.

2 Remaining Guiding Principles Influencing Your Ability to Take Action

Last week we talked about Commitment and Creativity and how they can influence your ability to take action. The other two guiding principles that influence Action are Persistence and Simplicity. Simplicity The best way to maintain your ability to take action is to keep it simple. In the Igniting Your Intentions process, I guide you […]

3 Keys to Unlock Action, illustration copyright 2014 Mary Gravelle.

3 Keys to Break through Procrastination and Unlock Action Toward Your Goals

3 Keys to Breaking through Procrastination to Unlock Taking Action Toward Your Goals Do you have a goal you are working on but feel stuck and blocked by procrastination? Are you unable to take that next step toward your grand future? Action Taking Action is the first Foundational Step to the Igniting Your Intentions process. Without […]


The Way to Your Dreams

This image says it so perfectly. It is the way and pathway toward the realization of something higher in your life. What are you reaching for? This is the only way that I have discovered to move full force, head on, into my higher calling. I have had to confront my fears and move through […]