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Rabbit Fear

The animals that cross our path have messages for us if we would only listen. I encountered a rabbit on my trail the other day. The message was about fear. Are you allowing fear to stop you in your path? Are you allowing fear to divert your direction? Listen to this week’s video for inspiration. […]


The Way to Your Dreams

This image says it so perfectly. It is the way and pathway toward the realization of something higher in your life. What are you reaching for? This is the only way that I have discovered to move full force, head on, into my higher calling. I have had to confront my fears and move through […]

In the Land of Fear and Doubt featured image

Are You in the Land of Fear and Doubt

I am reading a new book, Start., by Jon Acuff. His subtitle is “Punch Fear in the Face, Escape Average, Do Work that Matters“. When I began reading it, I was less than impressed, almost bored in the first and second chapters. I thought, “yeah, yeah, I have heard all this before, so what?” I […]