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4 Guiding Principles that Help You Unlock Action. Copyright 2014 Mary Gravelle.

2 Remaining Guiding Principles Influencing Your Ability to Take Action

Last week we talked about Commitment and Creativity and how they can influence your ability to take action. The other two guiding principles that influence Action are Persistence and Simplicity. Simplicity The best way to maintain your ability to take action is to keep it simple. In the Igniting Your Intentions process, I guide you […]

3 Keys to Unlock Action, illustration copyright 2014 Mary Gravelle.

3 Keys to Break through Procrastination and Unlock Action Toward Your Goals

3 Keys to Breaking through Procrastination to Unlock Taking Action Toward Your Goals Do you have a goal you are working on but feel stuck and blocked by procrastination? Are you unable to take that next step toward your grand future? Action Taking Action is the first Foundational Step to the Igniting Your Intentions process. Without […]

The Blue Bird of Happiness

Keep Your Nose to the Ground for Possibilities

In today’s video I share a drawing with a message for you. The blue bird of happiness awaits to impart its uplifting message. Watch the video to hear more. Let the blue bird of happiness be your guide. Allow the light and beauty of your unique expression to glow and attract exactly what you need […]


The Constant Money Stream

The straight-line cash machine is lined up and ready to be activated. Get your finances in order and keep them in order so you’ll have a place for it all. Plan out your future, Dear One, make a Money Plan. Get your affairs in order. You are about to strike it Rich! Be prepared, be […]

Who Am I Featured Image

Who Am I

“It is wisdom to know others; it is enlightenment to know one’s self.” – Lao Tzu Long, long time ago, when the earth was believed to be flat, men would travel to the ends of the earth, or so they thought that’s where they were going. Eventually, it was discovered that the earth was round […]

Bill Cunningham

Shine by Doing What You Love

I recently watched a documentary about a man who simply shines as a result of being tuned in, tapped in, turned on by his work. Once you dive deeply into your Igniting Your Intentions work, you too will discover what makes you happy. If you can give yourself permission to do that, you just might […]

3-part Video Series

Creating Something New — FREE Video Series

I have been busy creating a new three-part FREE video series introducing folks to the Igniting Your Intentions™ program. This is a creative process that leads to personal growth and a deeper connection with the inner self and inner wise guide. If this sounds intriguing, there is still time to sign up to hear them. […]

In the Land of Fear and Doubt featured image

Are You in the Land of Fear and Doubt

I am reading a new book, Start., by Jon Acuff. His subtitle is “Punch Fear in the Face, Escape Average, Do Work that Matters“. When I began reading it, I was less than impressed, almost bored in the first and second chapters. I thought, “yeah, yeah, I have heard all this before, so what?” I […]