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Big Faith, Igniting Your Intentions

You Gotta Have BIG Faith

Do you ever doubt, worry, have fears that you are not getting where you want to go? This past week, I was feeling this big time. So, I sat down and did my own Wisdom Painting session, which always helps. Many times, it shows me something opposite of what was swirling around in my head. […]


The Way to Your Dreams

This image says it so perfectly. It is the way and pathway toward the realization of something higher in your life. What are you reaching for? This is the only way that I have discovered to move full force, head on, into my higher calling. I have had to confront my fears and move through […]



Napoleon Hill, in his book, Think & Grow Rich, describes Faith as something that is developed through repetition. I always thought that Faith was a soft skill that had no real backing. It was something that was required in order to keep on keeping on. We needed to keep the faith in order to remain positive […]