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Death is part of life.

Allow Death to Resurrect Your Life

As we grow older, death becomes more prevalent in our lives. Loved ones, co-workers, acquaintances, close friends, these near and dear people pass away and leave an emptiness within our lives and our hearts. We are forever changed. They leave imprints upon us. They, in their own unique way, have touched a place deep inside us […]

Hardship & Obstacles Image

Hardships and Obstacles

I read a fantastic article this morning, Werner Herzog on Creativity, Self-Reliance, Making a Living of What You Love, and How to Turn Your Ideas into Reality. Whew, what a long title! What a wonderful article to read for inspiration and encouragement. When we are in the middle of crisis, hardships, and obstacles, there is […]

Happy Joy

Draw for the Health of It

Just draw for the health of it. Take out your crayons and a piece of paper and have at it. I promise that you will feel much better afterwards. The secret is non-judgement. Allow the drawing to take care of you. Allow the drawing into existence without judgement, without criticizing. The drawing will come. The […]

The Dream is a Gift

“The dream is a gift.” I posted this comment on a friend’s Facebook posting today. She shared a dream she had last night of her deceased brother giving her gifts. After I wrote those words, I had an “Aha!” moment. The Dream that we have inside us is a loving, generous gift from our Creator. […]

Ignite Power — New Igniting Session Coming Up on May 5

  Creative Process for Personal Development and Growth Are you ready to show up for yourself on a daily basis? In the creative workshop, you will reveal and discover what you need to know for personal self-improvement. Tap into the wisdom inside you to live your best life possible. This creative process will help you […]

New Mini Session Beginning April 14

Anyone interested in self-discovery through creativity and intention will want to sign up for this mini session. Ignite your life now. Igniting Your Intentions™ Level One Mini Session: Co-create with Divine Energies for Personal Development Are you ready to show up for yourself on a daily basis? Igniting Your Intentions™ uses drawing, writing, and intention to help […]

Day 23. Ballooning Upward in Spurts of Growth

I tune into the ever-growing affluence within. You are growing by leaps and bounds, you are. Balloon flowers, spiral branches ever-reaching outward and upward. The growth is thick and healthy. Rolling along slowly, effortlessly attracting so much good your way. Keep it going, growing, and flowing in this state of relaxed bliss. This is where […]

Day 22 Dragon Slayer

Intention: I tune into the ever-growing affluence within. Message: The dragon is before you. Siege the war before you. The nucleus within glows like warm fire embers. Your message reaches far and wide, therefore, be careful of what your message reveals. Stretch; grow in many directions, in many ways. Articulate your dream story. Articulate your […]