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4 Guiding Principles that Help You Unlock Action. Copyright 2014 Mary Gravelle.

2 Remaining Guiding Principles Influencing Your Ability to Take Action

Last week we talked about Commitment and Creativity and how they can influence your ability to take action. The other two guiding principles that influence Action are Persistence and Simplicity. Simplicity The best way to maintain your ability to take action is to keep it simple. In the Igniting Your Intentions process, I guide you […]

Past Igniting Clients

Memories of Igniting of the Past

I’m dusting off my book that I started writing over seven years ago on the Igniting process. One of my first tasks is adding past participant’s experiences with the process. Wow, it is really a powerful process. I am touched to tears when I read their words. I don’t think I really understood the power […]