Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the most effective way to tie together using these three tools of drawing, writing, and intention to manifest a positive and peaceful state of mind during stressful or traumatic situations?

The Igniting Your Intentions process is such a lovely act of self-love that offers a gentle hug to your inner self. The drawing and writing part, along with your intention statement, can help open you up and guide you to what will be the most comfort to you at this time. It’s helpful to be gentle and slow with yourself in times of high stress or trauma. Your mind, body, and spirit are going through a deep transition. Allow your creativity to soothe you.

How can creativity help me meet my goals?

The creativity that is a part of the Igniting Your Intentions process is designed to help you meet your goals. The intention statement is crafted on a personal level where you are right now and where you want to go.

How do I open myself up to the abundance that I know awaits in 2015?

Utilizing the Igniting Your Intentions process can help you open to what you need to open to at this time. The process will guide you from an inner level to take the necessary actions to move you closer to your goals of abundance.

My creativity in the past 9 months has been dormant, I never had a problem with creativity however it seems as if I am allowing personal pain to get in the way. Is this what has happened to others in 2014? I also want to get involved in a new venture where my creativity will be renewed. I feel as if I am at a crossroad, something I never felt before and I need to get moving creatively once again.

The energies not only of 2014, but since 2012, have been challenging for many. It has been a time of loss and having to let go of so much. This is painful for many. You might be experiencing a form of grief which grips us and holds us firmly in place. At these times, creativity can be a real comfort if we can let ourselves muster the energy to partake. The Igniting Your Intentions process will be the new venture that you seek to renew your creativity. The process has helped many others move their life forward in creative ways. It can do the same for you.

I know I have big things approaching.  Just not sure where and when to start.

During the intention crafting process, you will be crafting an intention statement that pinpoints exactly where you are right now and where to start.

How do you go about setting your intentions, what are some tips, how do you do it?

The intention setting stage begins with a questionnaire that you will fill out. Then, there are rules like keeping it positive and clear that apply. You will learn all about setting, more like crafting, a perfect intention statement that is personally satisfying and meaningful for you. To get you started, simply ask yourself some of life’s biggest questions. Who am I? What do I want? What do I like to do? Etc…. Eventually, you will see themes running through all your answers.

Can a 71 year old woman join the workshop?

Absolutely! There is no time better than now to tap into your creativity and spend time with self. Just get started anywhere you are. At 71, I think you will totally enjoy this process. It is ageless and timeless, just like you!

While I realize that Igniting can be used to start the creative process for pictorial art and for writing, can it be used for music–either performing or composing?

The Igniting Your Intentions process can be used for any life circumstance. Since it is a creative process and driven by the intention statement, ideas will come to the surface based on your intention. If you have the intention of performing or composing a musical composition, for example, that is the information that will come to you during your process.

How can you help me discover what is my greatest goal?

During week one of the process is where you will discover your greatest goal. I send you through an extensive questionnaire that will help you pinpoint where you are in your life right now. It will also help you gain clarity on longer term goals as well. Through a narrowing down process, it becomes apparent where your attention needs to head over the next course of the 21-28 day process.

What if I have problems getting “ignited”?

The only problem you might encounter with getting “ignited” is most likely some sort of mental block, an inability to remain open to what the process and your life is offering you at this time. However, the Foundational Steps, Keys to Ignition, and Guiding Principles are all designed into the process to come to your aid in getting “ignited”.

What are the biggest obstacles—real or imagined—to starting the process?

The real or imagined obstacles to starting the process could be time constraints, imagining that you have limited time to do the process or focus on self, creating the time for self and creative activities, seeing the value in setting aside time for self, thinking that you are not artistic or creative and therefore cannot do the drawings or writing.  This is a very common belief system. Identifying with the lack of time or space to create can be overcome with simply giving yourself permission to open to creating the time and space for yourself. If you don’t do this, who will? Showing up to the Igniting process helps you realize how integral this is to your life. Are you ready?

How can I fit creative activities into my busy schedule?

This process will take an average of 15 minutes to one hour everyday. Believe in the value of showing up to creative activities that will help you. The Igniting process will help move you forward in your life by helping you focus on one aspect of your life. It is also an act of self-love. Tiny acts of self-love are required in order to keep you enveloped in a feeling of being loved so you can reach out with love into every area of your life and to others. Taking time for self pays dividends in an inner self-value kind of way. Give yourself the gift of time. Create openings somewhere in your schedule to create. Think about getting up early or going to bed late, or creating on your break or lunch hour. You are the person in charge of your time. How do you want to spend it? Wouldn’t you rather spend your precious time in self-directed activities that fill you up from the inside?

“You, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.” Buddha

What are the exercises and process steps to discover what to create and to keep the creation going in the right direction?

Writing and drawing are the process steps. Intention will keep the creation going in the right direction. A carefully crafted intention statement in the very beginning of the process is the catalyst that keeps your creation going in the right direction.

How does one maintain the momentum of creation?

By showing up and consistently taking the steps. The Keys to Ignition and the Guiding Principles will help with taking the steps. The keys will help unlock the steps and the principles will assist and influence the steps to keep the process of creation in motion.

How to keep the fire going consistently once it is ignited?

The process of writing, drawing, and intention along with the foundational steps, keys to ignition, and guiding principles all work together to keep the fire going consistently during the process. There will be a natural time to let the fire burn out. Then you begin anew.

What will this look like. What format and materials will be needed?

The format will be a weekly schedule. I will send out a recorded video that you will watch for the weekly lessons. The first week will get you started in the process and creating your intention statement. There will be an online forum for you to check-in and get and give support of your peers as well as from me. The materials are simple. Upon registration, I will send out a materials list. You very well might have everything you need already.

What if I’m not creative?

This process does not require you to be creative. In essence, by your very nature, you are creative in your own way. The Igniting process will coax it out of you and you will learn how to let your personal creativity flow from your inner self.

How do you keep the fire going if “success” is slow to come?

This is where the Keys to Ignition and the Guiding Principles come in and save the day for you. Who is gauging your success? What is the measurement? The self, soul, spirit, your inner wise guide know the appropriate time schedule for success to show up. You just might be experiencing success that looks entirely different than you imagined.

How do I let go to trusting in the process that Igniting can bring?

This is where you just have to let go of the mind chatter, the inner critic, and flow with the process, trust it.

How to keep being creative even if there don’t seem to be any exterior rewards and recognition?

I think you will find a different form of reward during the process. It’s all an inner game. There will be many inner rewards. Let go of the mind and preconceived notions of exterior rewards. This process is about inner rewards, self-love, and learning more about self.

How can I use my dreams to link in to my creative source?

I’m not sure what you mean by dreams. Are these the dreams at night when you are asleep? Or are these dreams for your life and how you want it to be?

Will there be a forum to communicate with others online in between sessions?

Yes, there will be a forum to communicate with online and between sessions.

I can’t make the live session, will I still be able to watch the video?

The videos are recorded and you can watch them at your leisure once I send you the email announcement that it is available.

How can the creative arts be made simple and easy enough to take on the road, into classrooms, into different venues without carrying a lot of “stuff” with us?

Keep it simple. Use simple materials that don’t take up a lot of room. Use portable containers. Keep it lightweight. The Igniting process is very portable. It can fit into your purse or tote bag.

What will be the final result after 5 weeks?

It’s a process that continues. However, what you can expect is to find a deeper connection with self, your inner life, and your inner wise guide. You can expect to have a deeper trust in yourself. In addition, you will take away a Summary Process that includes an Action List and a plan for ways in which to move forward after the class to ignite your intention. You may have already found yourself well on your way to igniting this particular intention.

[How can I have more ] confidence, persistence, consistency, and following through with inspirational ideas?

The three Foundational Steps to the process will help with the persistence, consistency, and following through with inspirational ideas.

While I know that the source of my creativity is infinite, the fear creeps in that I as one person might not always get new inspiration.

During the Igniting process, everyday that you show up to the process will show you that you yourself can tap into the infinite source of creativity. Everyday you will do a different drawing and new writing will emerge. You will discover over time just how infinite your well of creativity is.

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