Igniting Your Intentions Private Coaching

During this private session, lasting 3-4 hours, you will be guided to craft a super personalized intention statement. This intention statement will propel you forward in ways that are magical.

I have a passion for helping people ignite the creative fire within empowering them to see the highest possibilities and potential for their lives. This session will set you up for seeing the possibilities for living a fuller life. You will have tools for moving forward in your life in delightful ways.

You are the Power

You are the power in your life. Empower yourself by booking this session now. Why wait?

Desire IgnitesDo you desire to live a better life full of passion? Book your session now.


What people say about this session:

Just had a wonderful afternoon with my friend MaryRae Rush and her personalized program, Igniting Your Intentions. I am IGNITED! An amazing process I can recommend to anyone wanting some clarity about understanding yourself, changing and purpose. Check it out!
Thank you Mary.