Ignite Your Life

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Are you ready to begin your Igniting journey into the heart of who you really are?

Course Description:

This course will take you through Level One of the Igniting Your Intentions process where you learn a process of co-creating with the Divine (however you might define that: Heart, God, Goddess, Universe, Life). It is a daily spiritual practice utilizing a double dose of creativity of writing and drawing with a third catalytic element of Intention. It’s a profound creative spiritual practice that empowers you to release the genie within.

Is this Course for you?

If you have something that you are working on such as:

  • a project
  • a goal
  • a personal issue
  • a growth spurt
  • a transition of some kind

this class is for you. Creativity gets to the heart of whatever is going on for you. I have an intuitive knack of being able to help you laser the focus where it needs to go.

Are you Ready?

  • To show up on a daily basis for YOU?
  • Are you willing to do what it takes to ignite your intention? This process requires 15-60 minutes of your time everyday, devoted to self attention and reflection.
  • To finally say YES to yourself and what you want out of life?
  • Are you ready to discover your innate creative abilities, I’m not talking about art, I’m talking about your own version of creativity which might not include art?

Course includes:

  • Weekly Lesson Plan (email, video, or audio formats)
  • An intense first session of crafting a personal intention statement that pinpoints exactly where you are right now.
  • Daily support on a Private Facebook Group page from yours truly and your peers. This is those of you who want to share your process everyday with the others who are taking the course. I will be checking in daily to this private Facebook group to support your process.
  • Optional personal coaching via Skype for an additional investment.
  • A new lifelong daily spiritual practice to keep you focused on what really matters to you.

For more information, go my Igniting website. The Workshops page is where you can read a more in-depth description and read testimonials.

What Others Say About this Process and Workshop:

This is such a great process. I can honestly say that working with Mary changed my life. I have always considered myself an artist, but a closeted one. The intention process helped me let go of judgment, and embrace my power. Mary helped transition my life and my art with this process.. wow..
Greer Jonas, New York, NY
Thanks to Ignite your intentions, I’m so dedicated to my voice! I’ve even quit smoking! Gotta protect my chords! Life is so good……..
CS, Silver City, NM

Email me at with your questions and to express your interest. I’m only taking six people so I can give you personal care.

I want to hear from you. I would love to hear your comments about the course. What are you struggling with now? What are your questions about the process or class?

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