Actions are Divinely Guided

Open and Happy Be open, happy, free, and content in your activities. Know that your actions are divinely guided. Trust that all is well.

Blast Off

Make a daily schedule of activities for your success. Outline the perfect day that is balanced with work, play, leisure, creative time, and social time. And then, stick to it.

Consider Today as Perfect

    Today, Consider Perfection. What is your intention for this day? "I am…" "I have… " fill in the blanks. Live today like it is the absolute most perfect day you have ever experienced to date. Notice what unfolds for you today in this state of desired perfection. Live…

Light the Creative Fires Within

Go from resistance, doubt, and struggle to synchronicity, grace, and ease. Become a positive force in your life and for the lives around you.

Live a Better Life with Intention and Creativity. A Creative Journey into the Heart of Who You Really Are. Igniting Your Intentions™ is a creative workshop of self-discovery for personal development, self-improvement, and personal growth. It will help you pinpoint exactly where you are in your life right now. This is a self-help creative process that is unfolded to you in a fun and safe environment by your Igniting Guide and Creator, Mary Rae Rush.

Find out if this process is right for you.

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