Barbara' s Dancers. Barbara Schuessler of Tucson, AZ, aka "La Flamencista".

Do You Ooze Confidence?

It takes confidence in oneself to Ignite Your Intention. I realized this after a photo shoot for a local Flamenco teacher and her students last night.

These women are stunning. The posture they hold just oozes confidence. I will bet that each one of them is able to ignite her intention much easier than one who is not as confident.

Today, be aware of your POSTURE. Hold your head high, shoulders back, feet fully planted in mother earth, eyes squarely on your target. You will go far!

Consider taking flamenco dance classes for further exploration. Check out my friend’s website if you are in Tucson: Barbara Schuessler, aka “La Flamencista”.

Ignite on!

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