3 Keys to Unlock Action, illustration copyright 2014 Mary Gravelle.

3 Keys to Break through Procrastination and Unlock Action Toward Your Goals

3 Keys to Unlock Action, illustration copyright 2014 Mary Gravelle.

3 Keys to Unlock Action, illustration copyright 2014 Mary Gravelle.

3 Keys to Breaking through Procrastination to Unlock Taking Action Toward Your Goals

Do you have a goal you are working on but feel stuck and blocked by procrastination? Are you unable to take that next step toward your grand future?


Taking Action is the first Foundational Step to the Igniting Your Intentions process. Without taking action, your goal is just a pipe dream stuck in your head. Your feet must be involved in the achievement of any goal and better life that you want.

If you find yourself unable to take action, use the three Keys to Ignition that are designed to unlock Action: Desire, Willingness, and Openness.


In a previous post, I talked about Desire as being the first key to Ignition in the Igniting Your Intentions process.


The second key is Willingness. You might know what you need to do but are unwilling to do what is being asked of you. This has you frozen in place. Ask yourself why you are unwilling to take this particular action or step forward.

Back up to Key One, Desire, and check it for sufficient heat. Is it a true Desire that lights you on fire or simply a wish that leaves you cold? Your Desire must be a heated passion in order to produce the energy you will need to move forward. Change your Desire until you find one that you feel passionate about it.

If Desire if hot with passion, ask a few other questions of why you are unwilling to take this action? Is it something that you hate to do? Is it something you feel is beneath you? Is your ego running the show? Are you afraid of what others will think of you if you take this action step? All of these reasons are excuses that are causing a brick wall to be built between you and your goal.

If your goal matters to you, push through any unwillingness and find a way to be willing, surrender into Willingness. Once you are willing, sometimes you won’t even have to take the step. Do not underestimate this Key of Willingness. It has the power to dissolve barriers.


The third Key to busting through procrastination and the inability to take action is Openness. You must be open to doing things differently and hearing new ideas. Life will present ideas and situations to you that are new and different for you. Are you open to what is showing up? If not, you are slamming doors shut before you give your goal a chance to be attained.

The ability to take Action is made possible by the first Keys to Ignition: Desire, Willingness, and Openness.

Do you have an action that you have been procrastinating about taking? Can you turn these three keys that will unlock Action? Step forward on your path by taking Action.

I want to hear from you. Does this make sense for you? Does it help you in any way to move forward in your life toward a grander future?

Mary Gravelle in front of her "in-process" painting.

Mary Gravelle in front of her “in-process” painting.

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