About Igniting Your Intentions

Igniting Your Intentions™ is a creative process to help you dive deeply into the preciousness of you and where you are right now. Light the creative fire within. Open doors to new possibility and awareness. This is a structured journey where registration is required to gain the powerful knowledge that this process can provide.

  • Learn how to listen to the soft voice inside you. It always knows what to do.
  • Learn how to use writing, drawing, and intention to live a better life.
  • What is your inner wisdom trying to tell you?
  • Are you ready to show up for yourself on a daily basis?

Three Levels:

Each level builds upon the last. Embark upon this potent tool for self-discovery today. Normally a six-week workshop, I am now offering it in a three-week mini session format. Anyone wishing to embark on the full six-weeks should let me know. You will be given the option at the end of the three weeks to continue as a group or individually.

Level One: Co-create with Divine Energies

What are your intentions for your life right now? Level I of Igniting Your Intentions teaches you a new way to use writing and drawing (in a non-judgmental atmosphere) to open doors to new possibility and awareness.

What you can expect from the creative process journey:

Week 1
The first week sets you up for the rest of your creative process journey. This is when we craft a very personal intention statement that will be used during the coming weeks. This is an intense question / answer format that is designed to pinpoint exactly what you need to focus on right now in order to move your life forward to where you want to go.

You will learn:

    1. Five rules to crafting the perfect intention statement.
    2. How to do the four-step daily process.
    3. The first three keys to Ignition.

Week 2
During week two, prepare to share your daily work with the group.

You will learn:

  1. One more step to the daily process.
  2. The seven guiding principles to stoke the fire within and keep it burning.

Week 3
Week three is the final week. Be prepared to share your previous week’s work. This is the week when all of your work comes together.

You will learn:

  1. The Summary Process.
  2. Creating a final art piece. (No, you do not need to be an artist!)
  3. How to create an action list to live your intention.

Level Two: Deepen trust and let go

Prerequisite: Level one. Deepen trust in the creative process. Learn to let go of the outcome. Creating is the first step to a full range of creative possibility. As in nature, all things come to an end. Beginnings give way to endings, flowers bloom and then fade and die. It is nature’s way. It is not enough to learn how to create. Learn more about the deeper process of the creative cycle: birth, death, and rebirth. What cycle of the creative process is your life in right now? Each cycle requires different tools and different mind sets. In Level 1 we created and learned how to tap into divine energies to co-create. In Level 2, we learn the other two cycles of death and rebirth. We learn to trust as we let go of our product in favor of being in process.

Level Three: Discernment

Prerequisite: Level two. Level 3 teaches discernment, choice, what to keep, what to let go of, and seeking outside help.

Live a better life with intention and creativity. Go from resistance to synchronicity, grace, and ease.

Mary Gravelle

Mary A. Gravelle

Your Igniting guide, Braylee Rush (formerly Mary Gravelle), has a passion for helping people discover their innate creative powers. Workshop leader since 1992, she empowers others to listen to their inner knowing for personal development and growth.
Ignite your power.
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